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Boudoir photography is designed to showcase a woman’s intimate beauty.  The term “boudoir” is French and refers to a woman’s bedroom or private dressing room.  Boudoir photography is popular for women who are about to give birth (also called Maternity Photo Sessions), about to wed, or for women whose significant others are far from home, such as deployed soldiers.  My style of boudoir photography does not involve a large amount of post-processing (such as Photoshop), but instead I try to bring out the natural beauty using light and minimal post-editing touch-ups.

Samples of boudoir photo sessions are limited due to the intimate nature.  You don't have to wear lingerie; you can wear sports jerseys, a man's shirt, wrap yourself in a sheet, etc.  Contact me to schedule a consultation to determine the type of boudoir session that will showcase your beauty.

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